Dr. Agus Sutarna, S.Kp, MN.ScMaster Trainer

areas of expertise
  • Quality Manager
  • Consultant System of ISO-17024
  • Master Trainer
  • Training Consultant
  • Trainer for Workplace Assessors
  • Trainer for Certification Auditors
  • Trainer for Standard Writers
  • Trainer for Standard Verifiers

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Agus Sutarna, SKp., MN.Sc. active in many activities as Quality Manager which ensuring the certification processes for Blaster Painter, and Coating Inspector professionals on the right track based on ISO-17024/2012 by developing the quality management system, standard, and Certified HR, and Expert in implementing iso-9001 in Higher Education which Developing Quality System & Documentation of ISO-9001/2015 & IWA-2/2007 for Accreditation of Higher Education, Director at Director Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Konsultan Manajemen Kesehatan (LSP-KMK).

Dr. Agus Sutarna, SKp., MN.Sc.

Consultant System of ISO-17024 at PT WIP
Designing a scheme training and certification for telematics business

Quality Manager at Professional Certification Body of Pramindo
Developing certification systems
Leading assessments
Conducting Audit

Trainer at PT Cipta Kompetensi Professional
Training standard writer for Insurance @Bapepam-LK

Training Consultant at PT SAKASAKTI
Developing Standard of Competences
Verifying Standard of Competences
Training Auditor of Certification
Training Auditor of Assessment Center
Training for Preparing HR of Professional Certification Body

Commisioner at PT UP QUALITY
Develop quality assurance system for Higher Education, Training Provider,Certification Agency

Expert in Certification System of ISO-17024 at PT Quantum HRM Internasional
Developing a system of certification for corporate
Training personels for internal auditors
Assessing HR for any purpose in HRM
Training personels for developing Assessment Center

Coordinating expert in assessment
Heading Assessment and Training Center.
Managing partner of business.
Conducting ToT for assessor.

Commissioner at PT Wahana Insan Prima

Head of Quality Assurance Department at Binawan Institute of Health Sciences
Developing Quality Management System of BIHS

Consultant at Ministry of Home Affairs, Republic of Indonesia
Develop standards for staff government of general affairs
Design certification schemes
Pilot study in certification

Trainer at Parahiyangan Training Center
Training Workplace Assessors
Training Certification Auditors
Training Standard Writers
Training Standard Verifiers
Training Documentation and Implementation of ISO-17024


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